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New to Orthodoxy

Foundations of Faith

Holy Scripture

It is the inspired word of God and the written record of His revelation. Holy Scripture is the product of Holy Tradition.

  • Old Testament: relates the manner in which God prepared the world for the coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • New Testament: completes God’s revelation by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord, God, and Savior.

Holy Tradition
That which is passed on in the Church, from the time of Jesus Christ to the present is known as Holy Tradition. Holy Tradition

  • is the ongoing life of God’s people
  • consists of that which is essential to God’s revelation and necessary for our salvation
  • is the living link by which Orthodox Christians of all ages are united together in a common faith, life, and experience

The Holy Trinity

  • The Father – He is the source of all things. Because of His great love for humanity, the Father is sent.
  • The Son – Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and the fullest revalation of the Father. He became man in order to redeem us and unite us to God. He leads us into God’s eternal Kingdom.
  • The Holy Spirit – is the Sanctifier, the Inspirer, and the Comforter. He proceeds from the Father and was sent into the world to dwell within us and to sustain us.

The Creed

It is a summary of the Church’s faith in the HOLY TRINITY. Orthodox Christians have used this creed to profess the Faith since it was originally written in the 4th century.


  • Private Prayer – is essential for spiritual growth
  • Liturgical Worship – the public proclamation of God as Lord is the common action or liturgy of God’s People
  • The Divine Liturgy – it is the most important worship experience. During the Divine Liturgy, we proclaim God’s word as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and we respond in thanking through the reception of Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ.

The Holy Sacraments

  • become members of his Church through Baptism and Chrismation
  • proclaim Him through Holy Communion
  • forgiven through Penance
  • share His love through Marriage
  • dedicate our lives to Him through Ordination
  • receive His healing grace through Holy Unction